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C. Johannsen

I had to write to say a huge thank you for the Lepicol which your company makes.  

In 2002 I had a large part of my bowel removed; two years later I had to have more removed, and until I found Lepicol my existence was pretty miserable.  The pain was constant and because I was living with a third of my bowel and no colon, the doctors put me on those drink supplements which made the problems and pain worse.  I was in and out of hospital constantly with blockages, which is common when you have so little bowel.  

I saw your product in Holland & Barrett and bought some a month ago. For the first time in over 10 years my life is normal again, and I'm off most of the painkillers as well.  

I can enjoy my grandchildren and take them to the park, something I haven't been able to do before because I always had to be near a toilet.

For the first time in 10 years my bowels are regular and I can make plans.

Lepicol has made such a difference to me.

Thank you so much.

Yours sincerely,


I have been using Lepicol for a few weeks and I am now sure that my bowel problems are over.

My Irritable Bowel Syndrome, 'piles' and constipation has virtually gone and I can't tell you how pleased I am.

When people remark how much perkier I seem I don't hesitate to tell them about my Lepicol success story. I aim to always take it daily and tell my G.P. Surgery to take the doctor's 'remedy' off my repeat prescription list.

I can't believe I've stumbled across Lepicol - a product that works so much better. Thank you and keep it coming.

Mrs SB

Thank you for your further supply of Lepicol. After trying the free sachets, I can honestly say after years and years of IBS, I have never felt better! The effect was immediate, which was really surprising too.

It has given me a sense of wellbeing I thought I would never get back and hopefully will not have to search out loos whenever I'm out again!

My long suffering husband will be glad of the new found freedom we can enjoy too!

This sure beats having to carry Immoduim or Loperamide round with me (which I don't really like using on a regular basis) but was all that helped until now.

I am sure you will be pleased to know I have already recommended your product to a friend I know who suffers with IBS - so the word is spreading.

I look forward to being a long standing customer.

Thank you seems inadequate.

Mr R.J.W., Saltburn-by-the-Sea

I am writing to let you know how delighted I am with Lepicol. For many years I have suffered with abdominal distension and bloating, as well as slow transit constipation, mainly as a side effect of medications I take every day. The abdominal distension is classic in some people with I.B.S. where one’s abdomen, although quite painless, just inflates like a balloon being inflated, for no reason at all causing extreme discomfort around the middle and along the spine.

Over these years I have searched the internet and tried dozens of different remedies and spent hundreds of pounds in the process. If anything did work it was very short lived. At times things would look hopeless.

In the middle of August in desperation I called in at the local Health Food store at the beginning of our journey on the family holiday and noticed this product called Lepicol. The label on the top of the tub stated that the price reflects the “Rolls Royce” of ingredients although there was nothing in the ingredients that I had not tried before (several times) from an excellent well known Jersey based nutritional supplements company and also from other sources. However, I decided like many times that I was buying “Hope” if nothing else, and bought a small tub of Lepicol.

The moment I arrived at the holiday destination I took my first dose of Lepicol and can honestly say that the relief to my symptoms were within hours and that my holiday was saved from being spoilt.

Although not a “cure” because the cause is Pharmaceutical drugs, Lepicol continues to work, relieving my symptoms to the degree of being acceptable.

I also know that unlike a very well known prescription fibre supplement which contains Aspartame, and which in ignorance I took for many years, there is nothing harmful in Lepicol except pure health promoting ingredients. But the big difference, and this is what I gladly pay for, is that Lepicol really does work and the reason must be because the very best ingredients are used, as it stated on the label.

So, I would just like to express my gratitiude, and to others out there who suffer similar symptoms to me I sincerely suggest trying Lepicol.

P.B., Brechin

I have used Lepicol for many years to assist my digestive system. But it really proved its value after prostate cancer treatment when I needed extra bulk to my bowel movement.

Mrs P.O. Ceredigion

I want to tell you how wonderful I have found Lepicol. I have had bowel problems for years and have tried many things prescribed by the doctor to alleviate constipation. I suffer with diarrhea too – occasionally – and it has all been put down to IBS. I have had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy which showed up nothing untoward. However, within a week of taking Lepicol, I found that I was experiencing fairly normal bowel habits – most unusual for me, but wonderful!

S.H, Derbyshire

Last autumn my digestive system seemed to go into shut down mode and I became constipated and uncomfortable. I’ve always been unhappy taking laxative tablets, so when I read of Lepicol in a magazine I jumped at the chance to try your free sample. Even this small amount gave me some instant relief so I immediately sent for a supply. I began taking it just before Christmas, enabling me to enjoy the festive season. I have taken on board some of the dietary suggestions into the very helpful booklet, which you sent and I am delighted by the results. My sluggishness has gone and I feel so much healthier. I did find it hard to take Lepicol with water, but no trouble if I mixed with a little orange juice. I now only need one dose a day in order to keep me regular.

Many thanks for a wonderful product.

S.S., Scotland

I have all through my life suffered from constipation, even to the point of having to go into hospital for treatment…which was very unpleasant. My father and his mother both took laxatives all their lives and I just accepted that everyone had to do this to be “regular” I soon discovered that this was not a healthy thing to be doing and my doctor gave me a good lecture about this. It seemed to me that however much fruit and vegetables I ate I still could not open my bowels on a regular basis. I had tried all the usual treatments for constipation and not found any of them without some side effects.

Then I saw Lepicol advertised in Saga magazine and I sent away for a trial size. That was the best thing I have ever done, I take Lepicol every morning with my fruit juice…and within an hour or so I have opened my bowels without any effort or discomfort. I have already recommended Lepicol to my brother who suffers from IBS and he is no so much better and he is in 70’s

Other friends of mine have also started to use Lepicol as a means to cleanse out their bowels completely. I no longer feel “bloated” and I have lost about 9lbs in weight, I cannot speak highly enough of Lepicol!

Everyone should try it!!

P.A. Chulmleigh, Devon

I cannot believe that your Lepicol has changed my life in such a short time! Thank you for your free sachets and £1.00 voucher and all the information – so helpful to me.

I had bowel cancer 3 yrs ago and have suffered pain, bloating, discomfort and so many daily visits to toilet, now I am so much more comfortable and only make 2 visits a day, what a relief! My GP has given me so many different drugs, none helped, I told my GP about Lepicol, she had not heard of it, but has now recommended Lepicol to other patients like myself – amazing!!

Many thanks for your Lepicol – a wonderful product. I shall not go anywhere without it.

Mrs N.S., Launceston, Cornwall

I first tried Lepicol after visiting my local health food store to buy laxitives for persistent constipation. The assistant advised me that a product aimed at prevention rather than cure would be better for me in the long term, as laxatives do not solve the underlying problems. Within 3 days of first trying Lepicol my digestive system was much improved, and after experimenting with the amount and frequency I have settled into a routine that has become part of my daily life; I even feel that it has helped me with my weight loss programme as I no longer feel so bloated. I feel tremendous benefits from taking Lepicol and even take it on holiday with me!”

K.W., Nottingham

After seeing an advert for Lepicol in 2007, in the Daily Mail, I sent for the free sachets offered, to give Lepicol a try. Well, I now would not like to be without it! My system was mostly over active and loose and, once in a while, the opposite. Lepicol has calmed my system down and I feel more comfortable in that area.

Also, I think that the prebiotics and probiotics in the formula have boosted my immune system, as I have found that I no longer get colds or flu (something I used to get two or three times a year)- which I am also very happy about! Thank you for creating Lepciol!

J.R., Radcliffe

I am 58 years old and have had irritable bowel periodically over the years. Last year I was constipated everyday (even through I always ate a healthy diet, (fresh fruit and veg everyday) I tried prescribed products off my doctor. I always felt really ill; my life was controlled by my bowels. Could not make arrangements to see friends. My social life all but ceased. Six months ago I went in my local health shop looking at the section on bowels ‘LEPICOL’ seemed to stand out, I read about it and was impressed that it was made of natural ingredients and also contained the good bacteria. I had nothing to lose as I was already at the end of my tether. The results were fantastic Lepicol completely turned my life around. Now I have what I can only describe as a NORMAL life. I have even been on holiday and took Lepicol sachets. Many thanks

Mrs J.J., Spalding Lincs

I have been taking your Lepicol Original for over 2 weeks and the change in my health has been amazing.

For 3 years I have suffered bloating, sluggish bowels and slow digestion of foods, all caused by getting old and under-active thyroid gland.

Thyroid replacement tablets did not improve my bowel health so you can imagine how pleased I was after taking Lepicol and finding how much better I felt, less bloating, better digestion of food, and everything “moving” as it should do.

Many thanks for a wonderful product!

Carry on the good work.

E.C., Solihull

Having received my order of Lepicol a few weeks ago, after reading an article on Bowel Alert, I find my bowel habits have changed for the better, after struggling for years.

In my 70’s I now feel 100% better and will continue to use this product always. There’s nothing so uncomfortable as not eliminating properly. This wonderful Lepicol is the answer – so easy to take and soon becomes a good habit.

Thank you so much and you can be assured of my constant use and recommendation to all my friends.

Mrs. DB., Clydebank

It was my lucky day when I read about Lepicol in the Daily Mail and got my free samples. Almost immediately I found the benefit of Lepicol, I have struggled for about 10 years with my problem and laxatives only made the situation worse and I have got rid of the bloating feeling. With thanks.

Mrs D.S., Fareham

I am writing to tell you how marvelous I feel since taking Lepicol. I feel a different person after all the years I have suffered with IBS and all the money my husband has spent on Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy etc., and the fees are not reasonable.

All the investigations at hospitals and all the weight loss pain, bloating and diarrhoea with IBS.

How nice it will be to go on holiday, and to think Lepicol is the answer to all my troubles with IBS.

Thank you for your time helping me with my difficult problem of IBS.

Mrs C.C., Alcester

I have suffered from diverticular disease for several years & have painful flare ups every now and then, so when I saw your advertisement in the Daily Mail I thought why not give it a go.

Well the results have been amazing no more gripy pain & to be able to empty by bowel comfortably is such relief. I have been constantly praising it so much so that my husband has stated using Lepicol too.

First thing we do every morning is take our "Leppy" . Brilliant product cannot thank you enough.

B.C., Plymouth

First of all I thank you so much for the very prompt reply for the offer of Lepicol in the saga magazine, just two days that is good service. I first saw Lepicol advertised in our evening mail, I was on blood pressure tablets which made me very constipated I started taking Lepicol and I have been taking it ever since and its wonderful I am 79 years old and I feel very fit and well, thank you again Lepicol

A.B., Bridlington

After being diagnosed with Diverticulitis, medication prescribed by my G.P was of little help. After seeing your offer in the press, of a free trial of Lepicol I decided to give it a try. I was so pleased with the result. I have brought the product ever since (about 12 months) this has so impressed my husband, he is now taking Maxtract, hoping to keep his Bowels Healthy. Thanks!

P.S. I would like to point out, as pensioner’s our medication prescribed by our GP is free. We think your products are worth the expense.

R.P.O., Essex

In a word ‘thanks’

I did not realise I had a problem until I read a advert of yours mentioning stools shape and properly formed, which made me realise that my daily motions were too loose. After taking your product Lepicol my daily bowel motions are now a lot healthier (now on my 2nd tin) thanks again

Mr R.M.M., Leicester

I feel I must write to say thank you for Lepicol.

I have been taking Lepicol since I discovered it about nine months ago. My problem was not constipation; just the opposite. In spite of the healthiest diet possible, I was having bouts of diarrhoea at least twice a week PLUS urgent and violent needs to go to the toilet with no apparent cause. It was a few weeks of taking Lepicol before I could say I was cured. Now I feel safe to go out and get on with my life without anxiety.

With grateful thanks

Mr R D, Stonehaven

I have been taking Lepicol for seven days only- having tried your free samples and ordered your value for money Lepicol 220g pot. Having suffered from IBS for over five years I expected it to take sometime before any sign of help. WOW! After only two days I was feeling so much happier I am now convinced of the real benefit of Lepicol. My health is improved and I am about to lower my medication gradually as recommended by my G.P.

F.C., Oldham

I feel obliged to let you know how delighted I am with your product Lepicol after 3 months of usage. I have suffered from occasional constipation over the years, especially when travelling (whatever it is a change of water or age, I don’t know) but now I feel great and everything is working according to plan (I can get tipsy whenever I am in complete confidence) I am 73 years of age and I have a hiatus hernia for which I take a daily tablet to control my stomach acid. The probiotics most probably come into play to help my condition. I also introduced my brother to Lepicol and he also feels the benefit.

Thank you

L G Birmingham

I've been taking Lepicol for over six months now and the difference is amazing! My stomach is no longer bloated and doesn't feel uncomfortable. I also feel l have much more energy.

I think this is the best fibre product on the market and I highly recommend it!

J.B., Long Eaton, Notts

Thanks to your products (Lepicol and Magnaflow) I have avoided major surgery – namely the removal of my colon!

I cannot thank you enough and I am telling all I know how good your products are and encouraging those that need it to purchase these products.


Having taken advantage of your free sample trial advertised in Saga magazine, I honestly thought 'Oh, well - here we go again - let's see if this one works as well as they say.' And guess what? It did! Even after only two days, I thought I must have more of this - especially as your formula is completely natural, with no chemicals involved.

So, thanks for a hopefully ongoing solution to my constipation problem of some years standing - I'll keep you posted on the results over the next few months!

J.W.G., Winchester, Hampshire

Through the post around two months ago came a leaflet explaining your product, Lepicol. I read the details and as there are so many leaflets through the post these days, not knowing what to believe, almost ignored the information. I’m so glad that I gave your product a trial which in all honesty has enhanced my life.

I have suffered from bowel discomfort for many years, I tried various options until the discovery of Lepicol. After one week I was beginning to feel more comfortable and after three weeks all symptoms have disappeared to the extent that my long term problem is now never on my mind. I now take just one and a half teaspoonfuls half an hour before my main midday meals and plan to continue with this forever.

Many thanks for advising me of your product and for the sheer relief gained from taking my daily dose.


I would like to say thank you for keeping me using Lepicol. I have had numerous problems with my bowels including having my haemorrhoids removed and changed to a vegetarian diet to help me in this cause. However, I soon found that a diet high in fibre was not everything and I continued to suffer bouts of constipation. I had suffered with irritable bowel syndrome for years, firstly getting diarrhoea frequently, then constipation. The problem was ruining my life and I could not resolve it no matter what I tried. Then I found Lepicol, although it seemed to cause more problems than it solved at first, you spoke with me on the phone and reassured me and I continued using it. Now I have a regular motion and will be eternally grateful to you.

J.T., Scunthorpe

Dr Minoru Shirota eat your heart out! I have been taking Lepicol regularly for a few years. I discovered it after being recommended psyllium husks by various healthy eating sources and have never looked back. The first couple of weeks were entertaining to say the least but once all the initial cleansing had taken place I started to feel increased energy. I will continue to have Lepicol form its necessary part of my diet for as long as it is available. Life is simply so much better with it. As well as the best source of fibre known to man, it packs in all those healthy pre- and pro-biotics (which practically means it pays for itself as I used to buy pro-biotic drinks – not that I could put a value to how great I feel). I constantly recommend this to my friends and family. Best thing since sliced bread? Even whole-wheat wholegrain sliced bread could never come close!

Wishing you all the best.

H.E. Lancashire

I have been using Lepicol now for some time. I take it every morning before breakfast and I can really feel the benefits. Having suffered from IBS for sometime, this seems to keep it under control. I hope they don’t change the formula as this really seems to suit me.

Having tried several other products I have finally found one that helps to control my problem. So, LEPICOL, keep up the good work of producing a successful product.

Thanking You

G.S., Lannark

I would like to share my experience with you. In August 2007 I became ill with severe stomach pains. Eventually, I was diagnosed as suffering from food poisoning. This left me with sluggish bowels. I became terribly constipated. I was prescribed several medicines nothing helped. And one day I picked up a magazine a read about Lepicol. It sounded too good to be true – I sent for the four free samples. And it worked. Quite simply it gave me back my life. I have energy again. Thanks to Lepciol.

G.G, Oxon

Approximately, 2 years ago when you first introduced me to Lepicol, I have been taken it regularly. I purchase it from my local Boots the Chemist. I am 72 years of age and have benefited from your wonderful product.


Since my accident 26 years ago when I broke my neck leaving me paralysed from the neck down with a C4 Spinal Injury, I've had cause to try numerous methods of controlling my bowels. Some were fairly succesful for very short periods but mostly it left just me feeling demoralised when even the so-called 'experts' were unsure of how best to control a completely paralysed bowel.

Fortunately, a few years ago I was advised at my local health food shop to try Lepicol and have never looked back. Over the years I have tried a couple of different types in the Lepicol range of products but have settled with the 'Lepicol with Digestive Enzymes' which has proved to be perfect for me when taken regularly. I can honestly say that I don't know how I'd cope without your products! It's no exaggeration when I state that my general health has gone from strength to strength thanks to Lepicol. Please keep up the good work.

Yours faithfully,

PS I cannot understand why doctors cannot prescribe Lepicol, it could be beneficial to so many others out there. Hopefully the NHS will consider this for the future.

E.T., Mytchett, Surrey

For many years I had suffered symptoms of IBS but matters worsened drastically 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with a diseased gall gladder which was then removed.

My bowel, which was very sensitive, could not cope with the constant trickle of bile – resulting in me suffering several bad bouts of diarrhoea every morning after eating breakfast. I found it very debilitating and depressing as it made it impossible for me to lead a normal working life.

I then saw an advertisement in the newspaper offering free samples of LEPICOL. Not only did I send off for them but I subsequently telephoned Peter Jackson at LEPICOL who I found had suffered similar symptoms. He was most informative and from then I started using Lepicol on a twice daily basis. My bouts of diarrhoea reduced and I was eventually able to lead a normal life again with confidence.

I have taken Lepicol ever since and it has calmed my bowel. I do not go a day without it, even putting it into little pots to take with me whenever I go away. I have recommended Lepicol to several others without hesitation and I now have started taking Maxtract capsules also.

Thank you to Peter Jackson and to Lepicol.

D C (Grimsby)

Just to say how glad I am that several months ago I decided to send for the 4 free satchets of Lepicol.

For about 10 years I have suffered with IBS which had become worse during the past 2 years. Despite watching my diet and taking spasmodic tablets nothing gave me any relief. I felt in a vicious circle as it was causing me a lot of stress which made the symptoms worse. However within a fortnight of taking Lepicol I was feeling a lot better and was able to have some control over my bowels, although I must admit I had been sceptical as nothing else had worked.

My husband who suffered from constipation is now taking Lepicol and does not miss a daily dose.

So as not to miss taking Lepicol we recently took it with us on a QE2 cruise to the Carribean. Whereever we go from now on Lepicol goes with us.

Thank you from a now non-sceptic.

Mr D.F., Cambuslang

4 years ago I had TB. I had 6 months of antibiotics which left me with IBS. Then I discovered Lepicol. I have been on it for over a year and feel GREAT. No more running to the toilet and have a great social life. Thanks to Lepicol. Now I have joined a walking club. Cheers!


C.T., St Annes on Sea, Lancs

Ever since an early age, I have had a condition which doctors have diagnosed as acid stomach. The effects of this were I could not eat for 1 or 2 days, was initially vomiting and had excessive wind. It started in my teenage years and had to periodically, take a couple of days from school. Since taking Lepicol products this has improved dramatically and has improved my health and sense of well being. This has been confirmed by my relatives and friends. Thank you so much!.

A.J., Hunstanton

I have been taking Lepicol for a few months now and the difference it has made to my life is incredible.

I had suffered from constipation since childhood and the only thing to help very slightly was a certain brand of cereal. Since reading your advertisement and trying the product my weight is stable, I

feel very energetic and of course I no longer suffer with constipation. Lepicol goes everywhere with me, on holiday etc. To think this is an entirely natural product is a bonus. Thank you so much.

A.J., Southport

I would like to tell you how Lepicol has helped me. To say that it has changed my life is no exaggeration because I was afraid to go out as I needed the toilet so often and sometimes could not control my bowel movements. I am so glad that I noticed your advertisement and tried your sample.


A. R.

I just wanted to write and thank you for your wonderful product 'Lepicol'. I moved to Asia in early August and developed the inevitable 'travellers diarrhea', which seemed to clear up, briefly, with a dose of antibiotics. However, whilst travelling in Vietnam it re-occurred and kept re-occurring at fairly regular intervals, until I was having to rush to the toilet several times a day after everything I ate. I was referred to a specialist, who did various tests and was told I was "just getting used to the Asian diet!" However I knew this was not the case as was being careful with what I ate.

By the time my parents came to visit in mid November I was getting desperate and had lost about 7kg in weight. My mum had gone to her local health food store (in Formby) before she visited to ask for some advise and they recommended Lepicol. Within 2 days of taking Lepicol I noticed an improvement in the consistency of my stools, as well as reduced indigestion and wind. Now having taken it for 2 weeks, my life has been greatly improved and I no longer have to worry about where the next toilet is after every meal break and can begin to enjoy my new life in Asia. I even completed the Singapore 1/2 marathon yesterday without having to stop for an emergency toilet break; something which would not have been possible a month ago.

I still think I have a way to go, but hopefully continued use of lepicol plus getting plenty of antioxidants in my diet will help my bowel health and allow the healthy bacteria to flourish once again.

I will keep you posted as I will definitely be ordering it again in the very near future.

Many thanks