Diet Saboteurs

Compliance with most calorie-restricting weight loss programs is notoriously poor, particularly over the long-term, with one to two-thirds of dieters regaining more weight than they lost on their diets.1 

Opposed to merely restricting portion size why not try learning to love eating healthily, and to view it as a gradual long term lifestyle shift, nourishing yourself and your body! Once your friends and family see the change in your energy and vitality they too may want to join you!

Our experts share their tips below.

Opt for good quality Protein and Fat

Calorie restricting diets may leave you hungry shortly after eating, especially if your meal has not satisfied your body’s nutrition requirements. Consume a good quality protein and fat source with each meal to help sustain fullness for longer. Opt for organic grass-fed meats, wild fish or well-soaked legumes. Pinto beans are a good source of protein, and when combined with a whole grain such as wholegrain brown rice, provide a versatile range of amino acids. One cup of pinto beans (approx. 170g) provides over 15 grams of protein, along with 15g of fibre to help stabilise blood sugars. The fibre in beans and legumes may also help prevent food cravings. People may feel fuller after consuming beans, which can prevent overeating and even help with weight loss.

Lunchtime matters

Glucose is essential for energy production throughout the body; however, it is important to keep blood sugar levels balanced as opposed to experiencing peaks and troughs.  Following the consumption of sugar or refined carbohydrates, the pancreas releases insulin to help transport glucose into the cells and we may experience a rush of energy. Once used up we can experience a dip in energy as the body demands more sugar to start the cycle all over again. Swap the sandwiches and pastries for a lunch high in protein and healthy fats such as butternut squash and leek soup, slow-cooked in homemade bone stock topped with a little organic cream, or a three-bean salad with wild salmon, avocado and olive oil. You will be amazed how easy it is to get through the afternoon, sipping herbal teas, feeling nourished and full of vitality!

Make a healthy swap

If you're heading out for dinner, be mindful of what you order. Most restaurants offer a meal that provides meat or fish and vegetables on the side. Most restaurants are quite flexible and are happy to cater to your needs, so you can always ask for the dish to be served without the chips or potatoes in exchange for an extra serving of a colourful fresh salad and vegetables instead. Ideally, non-starchy vegetables (those grown above the ground) should make up half of your plate.

Come Prepared

Plans with friends? Offer to bring some snacks to share with them. Energy balls are delicious and packed full of protein and healthy fats to help burn fat and sustain energy for longer. Simply whizz 100g pecans, almonds and walnuts in a food processor, add in 30g unsweetened cranberries (or raisins if you can’t get unsweetened cranberries), 1 tbsp ground flaxseed, 1 tbsp cocoa or cacao powder, 2 tbsp almond butter and 1 tbsp coconut butter and whizz again, shape into about 8 bit size balls and roll in 50g unsweetened desiccated coconut.

Eat seasonally

Eating plenty of local seasonal vegetables will provide soluble fibre to support digestive health and may help you stay fuller for longer. Soluble fibres are present in fruits and vegetables and provide a fuel source for our gut bacteria, which may help to encourage a healthy gut microbiota. A higher fibre content is retained if fruits and vegetables are eaten raw or lightly steamed and the skins are left on. Purchasing from a local greengrocer or growing your own ensures less fear of pesticides or residues. 

Homemade Treats

If habit gets the better of you why not have some small pieces of homemade raw chocolate fudge in your top drawer. Gently heat half a block of creamed coconut then mix in 3 tbsp maple syrup, 2 tbsp raw cacao powder, 1 tsp vanilla extract and pour on a baking sheet in a tin, sprinkle with desiccated coconut, place in the freezer for 1 hr. Chop into small pieces and store in a Tupperware container. Low in refined sugar, high in fat and absolutely delicious!


1. Mann T, Tomiyama AJ, Westling E, Lew AM, Samuels B, Chatman J. Medicare's search for effective obesity treatments: diets are not the answer. Am Psychol 2007; 62(3):220-33.