Meet the Experts

Working with leading researchers at universities and institutes, we have maintained a reputation for producing cutting-edge, research-based products. We are focused on ensuring we are always at the forefront of the latest science, which includes in-vitro, early stage development concept exploration and human clinical trials.

With on ongoing commitment to research, and our own cGMP accredited manufacturing facility, Probiotics International Ltd. is one of the industry’s most established and trusted companies when it comes to gut health.

So who are our people who put the 'Pro' into 'Probiotics'. Lepicol is pleased to introduce you to our team of Live Bacteria Experts. Just click on their picture to read more about them.

The Technical Team

Peter Cartwright
MSc BSc MA BA (Hons)
Head of Research

Natalie Lamb NT Dip CNM, mBANT, BA Hons, GAPS
Technical Advisor

Hannah Braye
Technical Advisor

Claire Barnes
BA (hons), DipNT, mBANT,
Technical Advisor

The Medical team

Dr. Ashton Harper
Head of Medical Affairs

Dr. Malwina Naghibi
PhD, MSc
Medical Scientific Liaison

Dr. Richard Day
PhD, MSc, BSc
Medical Advisor

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